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Faster than real-time wind farm flow simulation for optimised operational control 

Almost all offshore and most onshore wind turbines are sited in wind farms where curtailments and wake losses can be quite substantial. We establish a technology base that enables operators to increase the joint operational efficiency of wind turbines sited in wind farms.  WakeBlaster delivers cost effective, faster than real-time, yet accurate modelling of even very large wind farms. Control strategies based on WakeBlaster will lead to more efficient wind farms, reducing both social cost and levelised cost of electricity.


Please contact us if you would like to benefit from WakeBlaster. 


Learn more about WakeBlaster:

Background: Wind Farm Simulation - A Closer Look at the WakeBlaster Project

Case study: Operational Data Analysis with a Cloud-Based Wake Model

Whitepaper: WakeBlaster Validation Case - Lillgrund 


- Real Time Wind Farm Simulator (WindEurope OWE, London, 2017)

- Understanding Wind Farm Performance (WindEurope, Amsterdam, 2017)

- Verification and Validation Offshore (International Partnering Forum, Princeton, 2018)

- Verification and Validation (Vindkraftnet Copenhagen, 2018)

- Wind Farm Layout Optimisation (Global Offshore Wind, Manchester, 2018)

- Reduction of Wake Modelling Uncertainty (WindEurope, Hamburg, 2018)

- Wind Farm Simulation and Validation (WindEurope, Hamburg, 2018)

- Verification and Validation of Wake Models (Wind Energy Science, Cork, 2019)

- Theory and validation of a 3D RANS model (Wind Energy Science, Cork, 2019)

- Impact of Ground Clearance on Wind Farm Performance (WindEurope WRA, Brussels, 2019)

Video: Watch our WakeBlaster video on YouTube: (external link)



WakeBlaster is available as SDK for easy integration into 3rd party software packages.

WakeBlaster has been integrated in:

WindArchitect  by Uniper Digital Engineering Solutions (external link) 

SIFT  by Lindahl Ltd (external link)



The WakeBlaster development was co-funded by the UK's innovation agency, Innovate UK. Additional support in kind was provided by major wind farm operators.

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